Thursday 25 January 2024

Exploring Copenhagen: A Tapestry of Culture, Cuisine, and Contrasts

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Baltic Sea, Copenhagen is a city that effortlessly blends history, modernity, and a unique Nordic charm. From the vibrant streets of Nyhavn to the bohemian enclave of Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen offers a diverse range of experiences for every type of traveler. In this blog post, we'll uncover the cultural gems, culinary delights, and cross-border adventures that make Copenhagen a must-visit destination. I went with my mum and we stayed in "Frederiksberg" - a suburb not far from the centre bustling with bakeries and chic cafés. I used Swapdesk to get free accommodation too which was an enormous bonus.

Nyhavn Street – A Splash of Color and History:

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without a leisurely stroll down Nyhavn Street. Lined with colorful, 17th-century townhouses, this historic waterfront district exudes an old-world charm. The picturesque canal is dotted with vibrant boats, creating a postcard-perfect scene. Visitors can explore the numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants that line the quayside, offering a perfect spot to enjoy a traditional Danish meal or simply soak in the atmosphere

Freetown Christiania – A Bohemian Haven:

For those seeking a more unconventional experience, a visit to Freetown Christiania is a must. This autonomous neighborhood, established in the early 1970s, has developed its own set of rules and a unique way of life. A vibrant community of artists, activists, and free-spirited individuals have turned Christiania into a haven for alternative culture. Visitors can explore the graffiti-covered streets, art installations, and quirky shops while respecting the community's rules and values

Culinary Delights at Aamans 1921:

No exploration of Copenhagen is complete without indulging in the city's culinary treasures. Aamans 1921, located in the heart of Copenhagen, is renowned for its traditional Danish open sandwiches, known as smørrebrød. This historic restaurant, dating back to 1921, offers a sophisticated yet authentic dining experience. From herring to roast beef, the meticulously crafted smørrebrød showcase the richness of Danish flavors. Above you can see the shrimp smørrebrød with chives, perfectly dried tomatoes cress and an egg. Pair your meal with a locally brewed beer or snaps for the full Danish culinary experience.

A Day Trip to Malmö, Sweden:

Our favorite day! Copenhagen's strategic location allows for easy exploration of neighboring cities, and a day trip to Malmö, Sweden, is a delightful excursion. Cross the Øresund Bridge, an engineering marvel that connects Denmark and Sweden, to reach Malmö in just 35 minutes. Explore Malmö's charming Old Town, visit the iconic Turning Torso skyscraper, and enjoy the laid-back Scandinavian vibe that permeates the city. Don't forget to sample some Swedish cuisine before heading back to Copenhagen. I don't usually eat beef but I wanted to try Swedens national dish.

Copenhagen's blend of history, culture, and gastronomy makes it a destination like no other. Whether you're wandering along the vibrant Nyhavn Street, immersing yourself in the alternative spirit of Freetown Christiania, savoring the exquisite open sandwiches at Aamans 1921, or embarking on a day trip to Malmö, this city offers a tapestry of experiences that will leave a lasting impression. Embrace the Danish way of life and uncover the hidden gems that make Copenhagen a true jewel of the Nordic region.


Sunday 14 January 2024

Discovering the Enchanting Charm of LA GOMERA

Nestled in the Atlantic Ocean, the Canary Islands boast a stunning array of landscapes and hidden treasures waiting to be explored. Among these jewels, the island of La Gomera stands out for its rugged beauty, lush landscapes, and unique culture. At Christmas, I had the pleasure of immersing myself in the allure of this captivating island, staying at the exquisite Jardín Tecina resort in the south and embarking on a thrilling day trip in a jeep around La Gomera.

San Sebastian de La Gomera and our hotel: the Jardín Tecina - A Haven of Tranquility: My adventure began by flying to the nearby island of Tenerife. From there, you can take a 40-minute ferry across to the island of La Gomera. There is a small airport on the island and you can fly here from Tenerife North or the island of Gran Canaria. Once off the ferry, you arrive to the capital "San Sebastian de La Gomera" which exudes a charming blend of history, culture, and coastal beauty. This picturesque town, with its harbour, colorful buildings and cobbled streets, invites visitors to explore its rich maritime heritage and immerse themselves in the relaxed atmosphere of island life. The town has a very authentic charm and so this compact capital is an ideal starting point for exploring La Gomera, providing a delightful mix of history, culture, and seaside tranquility. We didn't actually stay here and instead, headed off in a taxi to the south of the island: to luxurious Jardín Tecina resort in " Playa Santiago". This hidden oasis is perched on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by lush gardens, this tropical paradise offers a perfect blend of modern comfort and traditional Canarian architecture. The resort's commitment to sustainability and preserving the island's natural beauty was evident in every detail.

From the moment I arrived, I was greeted by breathtaking views of the ocean and the neighboring island of Tenerife. Exploring the island from Jardín Tecina was a treat in itself with all its flowers and trees, amazing views and large golf course. We spent a few days, including Christmas day relaxing by the pool which was such a treat to have in winter time! LOOK at these morning sunset views from our room!

Our trip to Garajonay National Park

On Boxing day, the weather was a little off so we walked around Playa Santiago and did a local tour by a german man who has lived on the island for many years. The day after, we took a taxi to the Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the same taxi driver who took us from the port. The park boasts ancient laurel forests, mist-shrouded hiking trails, and breathtaking viewpoints. Standing at La Degollada de Peraza, I marveled at the panoramic views, a testament to the island's natural beauty and ecological significance. For lunch, I tried the typical La Gomeran soup: "Potaje de Berros" made of watercress which is served with "Gofio" - a kind of grain that some Canarians eat with bananas. I also had the famous Canarian potatoes "Papas Arrugadas" with the famous mojo red and green sauces. It was delicious! Before our hike through the forest and our lunch, the driver showed us different viewpoints along the way and some local hotspots around the park. He even invited us to a hot drink! He was so kind to go the extra mile, which shows the hospitality of the La Gomeran people.

Jeep Adventure Across La Gomera. To truly appreciate the island's diverse landscapes, I opted for a jeep tour that promised an off-road exploration of La Gomera's hidden gems. It was funny because I selected an English tour but also stated I did not mind if it was Spanish, as I speak Spanish too. Well... I was on a german tour and I don't speak German. So the guy translated into Spanish for me!

I saw the rugged terrain and winding roads revealed the island's dramatic scenery, from dense laurel forests to towering cliffs and secluded valleys.The tour also took me through charming villages like Agulo and Hermigua, where I experienced the authentic Canarian way of life. The centre of the island is a microclimate which holds a lot of moisture. I was on the jeep tour with 12 degrees and mum was sunbathing by the pool with 26 degrees and sunshine!

In my week in La Gomera, I basically visited all the main points on the island albeit a visit to Valle Gran Rey, a picturesque valley with black sand beaches and vibrant communities. I still need to go there so I will do that when I return! Overall, La Gomera, with its enchanting landscapes and cultural richness, left an indelible mark on my heart. From the luxurious haven of Jardín Tecina to the exhilarating jeep adventure around the island, every moment was a celebration of La Gomera's unique charm. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, La Gomera offers an unparalleled experience that beckons travelers to uncover its hidden wonders!!


Thursday 23 November 2023


Today, I'm taking you on a journey trough the vibrant streets of Madrid, where the sun shines bright,t he food tantalizes your taste buds, and the pace of life might just make you want to stay forever.

Let’s start with the ever-pleasant topic—weather! Ah, Madrid, the city that gifts you with endless sunshine and those clear, blue skies. Even when winter graces us with its presence, fear not, for the sun remains a faithful companion. We cherish our four seasons here, though spring and autumn might seem to pass in the blink of an eye. And can we talk about those winter sunsets? They are amazing! By 5.45pm, the sky bids its adios, not as early and gloomy as our Northern European neighbors experience. It’s a subtle but significant touch that keeps our spirits up during the shorter days.

Now, onto something that's more than just sustenance—it's an art form here: the food scene in Madrid! Being the capital city comes with its delicious perks, especially in the gastronomic department. We're spoiled for choice with an array of international cuisines. From tantalizing Asian flavors to the rich tapestry of Latin American delicacies, Madrid serves it all with flair. Speaking of Latin cuisine, it's a crown jewel here, thanks to the vibrant influx of Latino immigrants. One-euro tacos steal my heart every time; they’re like little bites of happiness! And of course, let’s not forget the quintessential Spanish food and tapas. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a high-end culinary experience, Madrid has your cravings covered at every corner.

Ah, the 'chill' life in Madrid—this city knows how to strike the balance between hustle and relaxation. Granted, after three years here, I might find the city a tad more bustling than the Mediterranean ideal. However, when compared to the frenetic pace of places like London or Paris, Madrid wears the badge of a relaxed vibe proudly. There’s something about the air here that whispers, “Take it easy, enjoy the moment,” amidst the lively streets and vibrant culture.

Madrid, oh Madrid, a city that never ceases to amaze with its boundless array of activities and vibrant happenings! Here, every week feels like a celebration as the city comes alive with festivals that ignite the streets with color and energy. From the lively Mad Cool festival to the cultural extravaganza of San Isidro, there's always a reason to dance and revel in the infectious joy. But it's not just the grand festivities; it's the delightful randomness that makes each day an adventure. Bars and taverns beckon with their charm, offering not just drinks but a glimpse into the soul of the city's social life. And ah, the tapestry of flavors in the form of tapas! Each bite tells a story of tradition and innovation, beckoning you to explore the gastronomic treasures hidden in every corner. Let's not forget the music that fills the air—the soul-stirring concerts that echo through the streets, inviting you to sway to the rhythms of diverse genres. Madrid, a city where every moment is an invitation to indulge in its richness and variety.

Living in Madrid is a blend of sun-kissed days, culinary adventures, and a laid-back ambiance that makes you feel like you're perpetually on vacation. Whether you're soaking up the sun in Retiro Park, savoring paella with friends, or simply strolling through the charming streets of Malasaña, this city has a way of capturing your heart.

So, if you're seeking a life adorned with sunshine, flavors that dance on your palate, and a relaxed vibe that soothes your soul, Madrid might just be your perfect escape. Join me in raising a toast to this enchanting city that effortlessly weaves together the best of Spain's offerings! Until next time, amigos. ¡Hasta luego! 🌞🍽️🇪🇸


Luxurious Adventures: Exploring Vancouver and Flying First Class with British Airways

Embarking on a work trip doesn't always promise much leisure time, but my recent journey to Vancouver turned out to be a luxurious exception. With British Airways whisking me away in first-class comfort, I found myself eager to document every moment of this extravagant experience, especially given the chance to explore such a breathtaking city.

Touching down on a Saturday, I strategically carved out my Sunday to savor the highlights of this mesmerizing city. Starting my day with a sumptuous brunch by the seafront, I was treated to a picturesque view of the ocean and majestic mountains that adorned the skyline. Vancouver's blend of New York-style buildings with nature's grandeur is a sight to behold—it’s truly a city unlike any other.

With a spirit of adventure, I made my way to Stanley Park, where I embarked on a cycling escapade around its entire circumference. Pedaling amidst the lush greenery and scenic vistas was an immersive experience, allowing me to soak in the natural beauty that enveloped the park. And then, a quick hop on the free shuttle bus led me to the captivating Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. Wandering through its various trails and pathways, I found myself enchanted by the serene ambiance and the exhilarating sensation of walking among the treetops.

While a weekend stay would have been ideal to delve deeper into Vancouver's charms, a single day allowed me to capture the essence of its main attractions. Battling jet lag and weariness from a sleepless Saturday night, I was fortunate that the warm, sunny weather proved to be an energizing companion. It’s amazing how a city’s weather can infuse you with a newfound zeal and deepen your admiration for its splendor.

From the tranquil beauty of Stanley Park to the thrill of walking across suspended bridges amidst lush foliage, Vancouver left an indelible mark on my travel memoirs. And let’s not forget the cherry on top—flying first-class with British Airways elevated the entire journey, making it an indulgent and comfortable experience from start to finish.

Vancouver, with its blend of urban sophistication and natural allure, has secured its place as one of the most captivating destinations I've had the pleasure of visiting. As I bid adieu to this incredible city, I carry with me cherished memories of a trip that seamlessly intertwined work, luxury, and the discovery of a place that stole a piece of my heart.

First class flight with BA


Wednesday 24 May 2023

10 Reasons to Opt for Home Workouts

 In recent years, home workouts have gained immense popularity and become a preferred choice for fitness enthusiasts worldwide. With advancements in technology and the availability of online fitness resources, exercising at home has become more convenient and effective than ever before. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 compelling reasons why you should consider opting for home workouts and discover the numerous benefits they offer.

  1. Convenience at Your Fingertips:

One of the most significant advantages of home workouts is the unparalleled convenience they provide. No more rushing to the gym or adhering to specific class schedules. With home workouts, you have the freedom to exercise whenever you want, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine.

  1. Time-Saving Solution:

In our busy lives, time is a precious resource. Home workouts eliminate the need for commuting to the gym, saving valuable minutes or even hours. By cutting out travel time, you can dedicate more time to exercising, achieving your fitness goals efficiently.

  1. Privacy and Comfort:

Exercising at home offers the utmost privacy and comfort. You can work out without feeling self-conscious, wear whatever you like, and create a space that caters to your preferences. This sense of privacy encourages you to focus solely on your workout, enhancing your overall experience.

  1. Cost-Effective Alternative:

Gym memberships and fitness classes can be expensive. By choosing home workouts, you can significantly cut down on costs. There's no need for pricey memberships or class fees. Instead, you can invest in a few essential exercise equipment or rely on bodyweight exercises, saving money in the long run.

I really recommend in investing in a treadmill for home as you could do a 10 minute sprint on there before lunch. It really is time saving and will be much cheaper than a gym membership in the long run!

  1. Customizable to Your Needs:

Home workouts provide the flexibility to tailor your fitness routine according to your specific needs and goals. You can choose workouts that align with your fitness level, target specific muscle groups, or focus on particular areas of improvement. This customization ensures a personalized and effective workout experience.

  1. Family and Community Involvement:

Exercising at home opens up opportunities for family and community involvement. You can include your loved ones in your workouts, making it a fun and bonding experience. Additionally, online fitness communities and social media platforms provide avenues for connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing goals, and finding support.

  1. Variety of Workout Options:

The range of workout options available for home fitness is astounding. From high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to yoga, dance workouts to strength training, there's something for everyone. With online platforms, apps, and video tutorials, you can explore various workouts and diversify your fitness routine.

I really like YouTube videos such as "Pamela Reif" who does fun dance and cardio workouts. I also like yoga from "Boho beautiful" and "Yoga with Adriene".

Buy yourself some at home dumbells and a booty band and you can do almost any workout your heart desires!

  1. Weather-Proof Exercise:

Weather conditions can often hinder outdoor workouts or gym visits. With home workouts, you no longer have to worry about rain, snow, extreme heat, or any other weather-related obstacles. You can exercise comfortably indoors, regardless of the weather outside, ensuring consistent progress towards your fitness goals.

  1. Increased Focus and Distraction-Free Environment:

In a gym or fitness class, distractions can sometimes hamper your concentration. At home, you have control over your environment, minimizing interruptions and creating a dedicated space solely for exercising. This allows for increased focus, leading to better form, enhanced performance, and improved results.

  1. Long-Term Sustainability:

Home workouts offer a sustainable long-term fitness solution. They remove barriers such as time constraints, travel, and expenses, making it easier to maintain a consistent exercise routine. By integrating home workouts into your lifestyle, you can establish healthy habits that promote long-term fitness and well-being.

Embracing home workouts can be a game-changer in your fitness journey. The convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and myriad of benefits make it a compelling choice. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, consider incorporating home workouts into your routine

Lots of love,

Alice x

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