Saturday 10 April 2021


Is organic food worth it? Organic food can be expensive and many people question: is it worth it? The answer: it depends.

Fruits and veggies use more than 15 difference pesticides and chemicals in order to encourage rapid overturn in the production process. Whereas, some are barely touched with pesticides, or the thickness of the outer later is so thick that the edible part of the produce is protected from pesticides. We must know which are ‘clean’ and which are ‘dirty’ so we are not wasting unnecessary money.



1.    Avocados

2.    Sweetcorn

3.    Pineapples

4.    Onions

5.    Papayas

6.    Frozen peas

7.    Aubergine (eggplant)

8.    Asparagus

9.    Cauliflower

10.  Cantaloupe melons

11.  Broccoli

12.  Mushrooms

13.  Cabbage

14.  Honeydew melon

15.  Kiwi


Foods not on the official ‘clean 15’ list that are also ‘clean’: Mangoes, Sweet potatoes, grapefruit.


1.    Strawberries

2.    Spinach

3.    Kale/Collard/Mustard greens

4.    Nectarines

5.    Apples

6.    Grapes

7.    Peaches

8.    Cherries

9.    Pears

10.  Tomatoes

11.  Celery

12.  Bell peppers


Other ‘dirty’ foods: Potatoes, Spinach, Lettuce, Cucumber, Blueberries & Raspberries

Organic food can be more expensive but look out for when it is on offer because sometimes it can work out cheaper! Also, you can grow food for free as explain in this book: Grow Food for Free: Te east, sustainable, zero-cost way to a plentiful harvest

Look, I never want to fear-mong people especially as eating disorders are so common. But if you are interested, you can find some books on the benefits of eating organic food.

    Personally, I would rather avoid pesticides and chemicals where I can. If you feel     the same way, it may be worth considering the above and then you can make        decisions based on your budget. Alternatively, if you don’t care, I hope you                enjoyed     the post anyway!!

    If your favourite food is missing from this list – leave a comment and I will reply        letting you know how ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’ it is if you buy it non-organic.


   Thanks for reading!


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