Tuesday 11 April 2023


As a Chartered Accountant and a girl with a strong history in Mathematics and finance, I have begun to become incredibly interested in Personal finance. At first this started with wondering how I can improve my financial situation and has now extended in to wanting to empower people with the tools to make the most of their moeny, no matter how much they earn. I believe everyone can save and invest to build a rich future and we do not always need to make huge sacrifices. It is not necessary to go without your favourite cup of coffee every morning. If that is what brings you joy, you should definitely continue to do it! After all we do live once. What is important is how we spend our money and ensuring that we are spending it on things that fulfil us. This is where budgeting comes in to the picture!
I now have an Etsy store selling planners and my favourite is my yearly budget planner.
So welcome to Go With Growth! My Etsy store and soon to be YouTube channel. Watch this space!

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